Only 20% of Greenville County Elementary Schools are Walkable

We recently did an inventory of all 51 Elementary Schools in Greenville County and hve concluded that only 10 schools are walkable today.

As has been widely reported- our children are more obese than ever, and we must change that.  By having infrastructure that provides safe routes to school we can change our children’s health

We have built our schools to be reachable only by car.  We have grown Greenville County with a suburban srpawl dvelopment approach, and we must now find the money and political will to retfofit what we have built.

The two aeiral photographs below tell the story of walkable versus not walkable- and sadley many children less thana 10 minute walk from school.

Stone AcademyBell's Crossing Elementary

Below is a list of all the elementary schools.  We believe that 23 schools can be retrofited to become safe routes for walking and biking to school.  The others are too rural with too few homes within a mile to justify the investment.

List 1list 2

The City of Greenville joins with community partners to promote walking to neighborhood schools as part of an emphasis on healthy lifestyles.

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