Walking Revolution Report

This article was posted in the Alliance for Biking and Walking People Powered Blog

New “Walking Revolution” Report Spotlights the Power of Walkability

By Mary Lauran Hall on March 20, 2013

A new report from the Every Body Walk! Collaborative – an educational campaign led by a dozen organizations including the Alliance and coordinated by America Walks – highlights the importance of walking and walkability for health, business, and communities. The report has its roots in a gathering last December at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Wellness in Washington, DC. The meeting laid groundwork for increased collaboration to build a national movement for walkability to dramatically increase walking as a major form of transportation.

image People need regular physical activity in order to stay healthy — many doctors recommend 30 minutes per day for adults and an hour per day for kids. Study after study have proven the benefits of exercise for health: regular physical activity reduces instances of heart disease and high blood pressure, reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s by almost half, and decreases depression as effectively as Prozac.

Read the full blog post and the Every Body Walk! report at peoplepoweredmovement.org (report also available to download as a PDF here).

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