Advocacy in Action- BWG Monthly Meeting

The group of advocates that have launched Bike Walk Greenville meet monthly and welcome anyone interested in working towards a more walking- and bicycling-friendly Greenville County. The key agenda items at the May meeting included our progress in applying for 501c3 status, and agreement with the Palmetto Cycling Coalition (PCC) for the aceptance of tax deuctible contributions to BWG through PCC while we wait for our tax deductible designation. We also discussed our public relations efforts, which will center on the new sidewalk and bike lanes needs fuctionality that Mike Nice has developed for us and our recent positive discussions with two members of County Council.

may 30 meetingThanks to James Thomas, we have a picture of the May 30, 2013 Bike Walk Greenville Meeting. Attendees from front left corner are Andre Mathis, Ty Houck, Katie LLoyd, Bill Mauer, Tommy Hayes, Mark Taylor, Gregg Alley, Jean Crowther, Amy Johnson, Owen Page, Seth Harrison, Mike Nice, Frank Mansbach, Pamela Wood Browne, Sally Nicholson, Matt Manley, and Tiffany Wedmore.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday June 25 at noon at the Y Metro office on Cleveland Street.

One response to “Advocacy in Action- BWG Monthly Meeting”

  1. Robert Decker Avatar
    Robert Decker

    We did a great thing by having a bike lane extend up E. North Street, but continue it into the city of greer to create one long bike strip connecting these two areas. Many of us are looking for longer safe paths to take form one to the other.


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