Bike Walk Greenville Summer News

The launch of our new advocacy organization came just in time to join the planning and publicity efforts for Bike Month. May included great events like the annual Ride of Silence and the first Bike to the Food Trucks. Be sure to check our calendar for community and advocacy events throughout the year.

The June launch of our new mapping tool has received an enthusiastic response from the community. This new functionality allows you to tell us where we need pedestrian and bicycle improvements in Greenville County. The tool was developed by Mike Nice who you may know by his excellent Greenville Daily Photos at the Greenville Fan site. Try it out and then share it with your neighbors, coworkers and friends!

Volunteer Opportunities!!!

  • Graphic Design Expert is needed to create a logo for us
  • Education Committee
    • Help Develop Pedestrian/Motorist Safety Program/Campaign
    • Help Develop Bike/Motorist Safety Program/Campaign
    • Host Adult Bike Safety/Skills Classes (with a partner agency/group)
    • Develop law enforcement bike and pedestrian law education program, and conduct training with Sheriff’s office
  • Community Outreach Committee
    • Help us find parents who want their children to walk or bike to school
    • Help us find people who believe in the Bike Walk Greenville mission and want to be on distribution for our communications
    • Help us to get the community to tell us where we need sidewalks and bike lanes as well as other bike/ped safety improvements
    • Help us find new relevant content we can share on our website

Contact us if you are interested in one of these volunteer opportunities.

Bicycle Friendly Community Challenges

Bicycle Friendly Community Building Blocks
The League of American Bicyclists recently posted this graphic on their blog which is worthy of close study

The City of Greenville has received Bronze Designation in 2009. The City of Greenville has 28.67 square miles of land, compared to 785 square miles for all of Greenville County. To
receive Bicycle Friendly designation for our County we have much to do!

  • There are 18.5 miles of bike lanes in Greenville County, and there are 4155 miles of roads, which calculates to a ratio of 0.4%. When we consider just the urban areas of our County, the bike lanes to road ratio is approximately 1%, well below the 26% suggested for Bronze designation
  • Greenville County does not have a comprehensive bike master plan, nor a dedicated staff person
  • Greenville County does not have an active bicycle advisory committee
City Bike Lanes
This map shows the 15.9 miles of bike lanes within the city. Not shown are an additional 2.6 miles primarily near Mauldin.

On the positive side we do have:

  • Bike Walk Greenville as the advocacy voice
  • The Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club actively promotes group rides
  • The Greenville Spinners Safety Foundation actively promotes safe cycling education in our schools
  • Greenville B-Cycle has launched
  • LiveWell Greenville is doing great things for children to walk and bike to schools

One response to “Bike Walk Greenville Summer News”

  1. I would like to see more effort placed towards developing more dedicated bike paths where only bikes and foot traffic are allowed. I ride a recumbent, so I am easily overlooked by drivers. I was hit by a drunk driver 6 years ago, and do not want that to happen to me again or anyone else.
    What can I do to help make a difference?
    Thank you…
    Jeff Knox


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