Roads serve people – give us better transportation choices

As the Greenville County Council is reportedly considering a one percent sales tax to help solve infrastructure funding shortages, residents are voicing their concern that non-motorized transportation modes be included in future road improvements.

The August 13 Greenville News article “Many local areas lack sidewalks,” describes walkability:

It simply means people have a safe place to walk, and they have someplace to go. Here’s a comparison: Downtown Greenville is walkable, Woodruff Road is not.

Woodruff Road CREDIT: Paul Alongi
Woodruff Rd CREDIT: Paul Alongi @pfatgn

Bike Walk Greenville Excecutive Director Frank Mansbach was interviewed for the article:

A survey and analysis by the group found that of 51 elementary schools in Greenville County, only 10 are walkable. Mansbach is among those who’d like to see children be physically able — and safe — while walking or biking to school. Instead, he sees poor design and barriers constructed to prevent walking as a mode of transportation.

The August 23 Greenville News Editorial “Greenville needs more sidewalks” declares:

More sidewalks are needed in Greenville County and especially its six municipalities. That’s obvious to anyone who does much walking or running in our county.

It also gives support for one of our important goals:

One of the near-term goals for Bike Walk Greenville is to encourage Greenville County to develop a comprehensive long-term master plan for pedestrian and bicycle travel. That is a worthy goal, and it’s one that Greenville County residents have every reason to embrace.

As voices grow louder for more attention to active transportation, residents can hope for greater freedom to choose how they get around Greenville County. Active transportation options bring greater quality of life, health and equity. For some getting around by bike or walking is a matter of necessity. We all benefit from being able to do it safely.

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