County’s first pedestrian and bicycle master plan


Bike Walk Greenville is partnering with Greenville County planners to develop the first pedestrian and bicycle master plan for the county. Frank Mansbach and Mark Taylor were interviewed by The Greenville News for a front page article on this effort.

The joint effort with county planners began earlier this month and will incorporate existing bike or sidewalk plans other cities have already adopted along with new priorities compiled through public meetings. From there, a list of priority projects will be developed in an effort to connect the county’s patchwork of bike and pedestrian routes.

With Greenville County Council expected to weigh the idea of a sales tax increase for road improvements, Mansbach believes the timing for such a plan is right, especially when it comes to linking dense and increasingly urban neighborhoods to schools and services that can be as close as a half mile away.

Public input through our mapping tool is an important part of getting community needs included in the new master plan. Click on the link below to add your input and make sure your concerns are prioritized.


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