County Council takes next step to fund needed transportation repairs

Last night the County Council listened to citizens who are asking for the disintegrating roads in Greenville County to be repaired. To move forward in considering a 1% sales tax, the Council passed a resolution that creates a special citizens committee that will draw up a list of projects that might be funded if the sales tax is approved by voters.

Special Greenville County Council Meeting

Bike Walk Greenville members attended the meeting and were interviewed by The Greenville News. If you missed our advocacy alert about the special meeting, make sure you are signed up to receive our updates by email.

Strong anti-tax sentiment is one reason Greenville County has never exercised its option to impose a 1 percent sales tax as most South Carolina counties have done.

Now, however, with no solution in sight from Columbia or Washington for crumbling and overburdened roads, some county officials are wondering whether Greenville’s famously conservative voters are willing to tax themselves as a last resort.

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County Council members need to receive emails and calls from people who believe we need to invest in a better quality of life by building more sidewalks and bike lanes.

Let them know that sidewalks and bike lanes should be part of the transportation projects being considered by sending an email to all Council members before the next Council meeting on Monday, November 5th.

It is important that they to hear from us in large numbers!

One response to “County Council takes next step to fund needed transportation repairs”

  1. I think it’s important for cycling advocacy groups to be as inclusive as possible. Please don’t limit our voice to only those who are in favor of tax increases. It is possible to re-direct tax money to important issues, like infrastructure and cycling/pedestrian safety without raising taxes. We just need to be open to spending cuts elsewhere.


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