Resolution in Support of Roads Advisory Commission Report

Resolution in Support of Greenville County Citizen Roads Advisory Commission Report

The mission of Bike Walk Greenville is to increase the quality of life and economic vitality of Greenville County by advocating for the improvement of pedestrian and bicycling opportunities and promoting the importance of health, safety, recreation and equitable transportation options.

We applaud the efforts of the Greenville County Citizen Roads Advisory Commission who listened to the public and recognized that we have not invested sufficiently in pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure in our County.

Only 10 of the 51 elementary schools in Greenville County currently have sufficient sidewalks in place to allow for our increasingly obese children to safely walk to school, and none of the schools have safe bike access.

The four project lists provided by the Commission (Road Improvements, Bridge Projects, Pedestrian Amenities, and Resurfacing) will all support Bike Walk Greenville’s mission.

  • The 101 projects in the Pedestrian Amenities list are heavily focused on providing Safe Routes to School, Business, and Recreation.
  • The bridge list contains the urgently needed pedestrian bridge at Hampton Avenue
  • The road improvement projects also include many bike–walk improvements in conjunction with the road improvements
  • The road resurfacing projects will greatly improve cycling safety as the deteriorated roads greatly endanger cyclists.

The Board of Directors of Bike Walk Greenville urge Greenville County Council to move the Road Advisory Commission recommended Project Lists to the voters for a November 2014 Referendum for a one cent sales tax.

We further ask that Council not deviate from the full list of projects that the Commission presented to Council on April 1, 2014.

Bike Walk Greenville is pleased to join the coalition of organizations of “Citizens for a Better Greenville County” in supporting this referendum.

Mark Taylor Eleanor Dunlap
Board Chair Board Vice-Chair
Bike Walk Greenville Bike Walk Greenville

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