Bike Walk Greenville produces video advocating for safe routes to school

Support Active Transportation Greenville County

Greenville – In advance of the November 4, 2014 referendum for a Greenville County sales tax increase for road improvements, Bike Walk Greenville, with the support of LiveWell Greenville have started an education initiative to inform voters about the need for infrastructure for active transportation.

The short video with computer-generated imagery is viewable at emphasizes the importance of walking or biking to school for our children.  It states that 34 percent of SC children are obese and cites the disturbing statistic that only 20% of our elementary schools have sufficient sidewalks, and no schools have bike lanes.  Over 5,000 students live within an easy ½ mile walk to these schools and could walk safely if only there was an investment in building sidewalks and better intersections.

Bike Walk Greenville wants to make sure that voters understand that the important active transportation projects that are included in the November 4 ballot question.

The video directs views to our website where we provide lists and maps of the 100 bike walk projects included in the referendum.  It is important to note that 78 of the 100 projects will provide safe routes to 54 different schools.  The $47.6 MM value of pedestrian amenities included in the vote far exceeds the collective cities and county investment s in sidewalks of $5.5 MM in the last decade (2000-2010).

The mission of Bike Walk Greenville is to increase the quality of life and economic vitality of Greenville County by advocating for the improvement of pedestrian and bicycling opportunities and promoting the importance of health, safety, recreation and equitable transportation options.

Bike Walk Greenville is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Frank Mansbach
Executive Director


One response to “Bike Walk Greenville produces video advocating for safe routes to school”

  1. Adrian Steinmann Avatar
    Adrian Steinmann

    Just read the article “Improve roads for biking, walking” in The Greenville News (Oct. 9, 2014) and immediately got to the website to learn more. I fully agree with all the aspects mentioned.
    We do need more sidewalks. It is a shame that kids have to take the bus to school when they could walk half a mile! And the situation on Haywood Road is another sore issue.
    Let’s build more sidewalks – make the city and suburbs more pedestrian friendly.
    An additional penny on sales tax – except for food – would not be asking too much of all but a very few people.
    The same is true for the gas tax. Drive slower – save two pennies per gallon.


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