Grow our momentum with your year-end gift

Since our founding in early 2013, Bike Walk Greenville (BWG) has become recognized as a powerful voice for active transportation in Greenville County. We have delivered our message to thousands of citizens and started a community wide discussion about the need for safer roads for all users.

Achieving our goals in 2014

Our 2014 strategy to get new sidewalk and bike lane projects included as part of the sales tax referendum worked as planned leading up to the election.  Our advocacy contributed to the inclusion on the ballot of 100 bike walk projects for a total of $47.8MM.  While the ballot measure was defeated, we can take away some achievements from the campaign:

  • We produced a video promoting the benefits of safe routes to school
  • We had an opinion piece published by The Greenville News
  • We partnered with the Chamber of Commerce led Citizens for a Better Greenville County to educate voters
  • We promoted our message on social media attracting many visitors to our website
  • We received grant funding from LiveWell Greenville and Advocacy Advance

Also in 2014, we collaborated with partners to:

Bikers are just people on bikes

Continuing the momentum in 2015

We have only scratched the surface of our advocacy efforts and have many areas to emphasize when we finalize our 2015 strategic plan:

  • Continuing to educate community leaders on the importance of active transportation and to partner with other nonprofits to host an event with nationally recognized bike walk experts
  • Advocating for the first protected bike lane project in the city
  • Educating motorists, cyclists and pedestrians on safe transportation habits
  • Advocating for safety improvements for the Swamp Rabbit Trail, including possible overpass at highway 253
  • Bringing more attention to pedestrian and bicyclist safety in the design of our roads and streets

We are currently an all-volunteer organization.  To be successful in the long term, our goal is to grow our funding so that we can employ paid staff members.  We are over half way to our 2014 funding goal of $20,000 which will help us establish one part-time position  and increase our ability to have an impact in our community.

Consider us in your end of year giving

Please support our growing organization and help us keep biking and walking infrastructure an essential part of the future of Greenville County. This is a critical issue, which is only now getting the attention it deserves. Let’s keep the momentum rolling!

Donate today! Thank you for your time and consideration.

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