Summer News

Strategic Framework Developed

The Bike Walk Greenville Board of Directors has recently developed a strategic framework that we are now sharing with the community.

Through a series of workshops facilitated by board vice-chair Eleanor Dunlap, the board refined our mission and vision and developed actions that will lead to measurable results.

Board committees have been formed that are now working on the action plans.

Board chair Owen Page commented that “the below graphic clearly articulates our advocacy and I am excited that we can share this with our stakeholders.”

Bike Walk Strategic Framework 3.30.15 Page 1

Increasing Bike Walk Champions in Greenville County

Bike Walk Greenville BrochureWith the generous help from Charles Lyle the creative director at Copia Design, we recently printed a handout to explain what Bike Walk Greenville is about.

Please like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter: @BikeWalkGville – where we are sharing bike walk advocacy news several times a week!

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