Feedback to the Bikes vs Cars Event


We received great feedback from many members of the community who attended the film and panel discussion on February 11, 2016. Thank you to all of you who attended and made your voice heard. Here is a just a sampling of some of the feedback we have received on the event.

bike vs cars

Randy MacDougald –Carolina Triathlon

 “So excited to see Bike Walk Greenville steer Greenville toward a healthier and safer future”

Marni Sumbal –TriMarni Coaching & Nutrition

“After moving from Jacksonville, FL to Greenville, SC, I can honestly say that I love living in my new bike friendly community. However, after watching the Bikes vs Cars documentary, it’s evident that we are lucky to have so many cycling options as to where to ride and not to mention the fact that cyclist are respected by cars when asked to share the road, but it is acknowledged that we can continue to improve the safety, accessibility and awareness for cycling in and around the Greenville community.  With a large crowd in attendance for the viewing of the documentary, it is obvious that many people in the community are invested in building an even more bike friendly community. I’m incredibly thankful for the Bike Walk team for all that they are doing for Greenville, all in an effort to make Greenville a safer, more active and more environmentally healthy community. “

Inge Flackett – The eBicycle Store

  “Having grown up in Europe, I know what great biking and walking infrastructure can do for a community.  This movie really highlighted for me what a great opportunity we have to become truly unique here in Greenville as we grow — to be healthier, greener, and more social through biking and walking infrastructure everywhere.  We could become the Amsterdam or Copenhagen of America!”

John Rekers- The eBicycle Store

  “I’m very disappointed to see bicycle infrastructure grow so slowly in America, especially now that technology advances have enabled just about anyone of any age to bike [on an electric bicycle].  After seeing this movie, and with an upcoming presidential debate here in Greenville, something occurred to me… I’d really like to see one of our presidential candidates propose a JFK/Eisenhower-type national initiative (like the moonshot or the interstate system): to build nationwide bicycle infrastructure so that in America we would have the best and most comprehensive biking infrastructure in the world — any A to any B on a bicycle.  It could be done at a very small fraction of the cost to build and maintain our highway system, and would promote fitness, healthier living, and reduced car emissions, as well as have many other positive knock-on effects.  And it’s a great fit with our national identity of being fit, rugged, out door, freedom-loving people!”

Don Hudson – President, Greenville Spinners

“The movie was a big hit, thought provoking and inspiring. BWG pulled the event off in splendid fashion and Meredith ran the show and panel discussion like a pro you would expect to hear on a broadcast like NPR. The city council members were an added bonus to the proceedings and having them in attendance hopefully will move the collective towns of Greenville County towards action that will further BWG’s efforts and our need for alternative transportation options and safe streets. The question and answer session though professionally administrated  left an air of de-motivation. City council members were not able to communicate concrete efforts that are underway or in planning that will propel the City of Greenville nor the County of Greenville towards a model community for cycling and walking. There was too much politicking and far too little initiatives and enthusiasm conveyed by the council members to get the audience excited about what could happen to move us forward.  Thanks to everyone that worked to pulled this all together to address these topics.”

Stephen J. Quigley- Clemson University PhD candidate

“Bikes vs. Cars demonstrates the incongruity of cars and population density in urban areas. As Greenville continues to build for residents attracted to our downtown culture, people who find solace in density and communal living, we must rethink how we can best connect and move about our city and near suburbs. This design retrofit must accompany our growth so as not to stagnate or deform it. ”

Gregg Alley- Bikeville activist

” Residents of Greenville County are lucky that we have elected officials that can see the “big picture”. As I learned from the film, some are very narrow-minded.”

Mary Reid McGowan- Bicycle Commuter

“I think what stood out to me the most from the film was the quote, ‘what we do now, or do not do now, will stay with us for the next hundred, two hundred years’. It’s so crucial that we consider what is best for our communities and our children, and also that we realize that what we do does matter. We shouldn’t settle for less than clean air and a healthy planet, and we can’t leave these decisions to forces seeking only profit and power.

Thank you so much for bringing this event to Greenville! It was a very powerful and inspiring documentary and I thoroughly enjoyed it”


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