Protected Bike Lane Demonstration

We are very pleased to report on a successful collaboration with the City of Greenville to provide South Carolina the first demonstration of a protected bike lane.  As documented in this video by volunteer George Varn, 3 hours of work by 13 volunteers transformed one block of East Broad Street in the heart of downtown Greenville to show our transportation future.

On Saturday May 28, we engaged with the public at the corner of S. Main and E. Broad and found widespread support for the protected bike lane concept.

With 4,000 new housing units under construction downtown, it makes great sense to provide these new residents with an opportunity to safely travel a mile a two to the the store or to work.  The more short trips taken by bike the fewer cars on the city streets.  Protected Bike Lanes will help make Greenville a place people will want to live.

The City staff will evaluate the protected bike lane through mid- June.  Be sure to try it out, and feel free to provide the city feedback at


Mike Nice DSC02907

photo by Mike Nice- Greenville Daily Photo


Capture protected sign


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