White Horse Road Pedestrian Deaths Discussion

The Greenville News Published a front page story about pedestrian deaths on White Horse Road on Sunday 11 June 2017

We posted the below on Facebook:

We are glad to see this front page coverage by The Greenville News of the systemic issue of designing our community for cars and not for people. Handing out reflective vests to poor people whose only mode of transportation is walking is a nice gesture by activists but is not the answer.
Engineered solutions such as adding frequent signalized cross walks and adding lighting is the minimum.
The best answer is slowing the traffic speed by narrowing lanes and greatly reducing the speed limit. This may sound radical to many people, but to accept convention wisdom that traffic must be moved at high speed on White Horse Road must be challenged.
Remember that 9 out of 10 pedestrians die when hit by a vehicle traveling 40 mph, but it reduces to 1 out of 10 at 20 mph. If we slow the vehicles more people will live.
National thought leaders like Chuck Mahron at Strong Towns have been advocating for years to redesign such roads. Vision Zero campaigns across the world also recognize that vehicle speeds must be reduced in areas where people are walking.
Opinion by Frank Mansbach, Executive Director Bike Walk Greenville

We then followed up with a slide deck that has been sent to all twelve members of Greenville county Council that calls for an action plan that we have included below.  If you agree that County Council should form a citizen committee towards reducing pedestrian death by exploring Vision Zero, contact your County Council member,























































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