Important projects moving forward


October 16, 2017 marked an important milestone for our advocacy when Greenville City Council reviewed and enthusiastically supported the recommendations of the Green Ribbon Advisory Committee (GRAC) to proceed with engineering feasibility studies on important projects that will lead to more safe bicycle routes for those from 8 to 80:

  • The Laurel Creek Trail that will connect from the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail extension near Haywood and Halton Roads to Haywood Mall
Location of Laurel Creek Trail









Detailed Route of the Laurel Creek Trail















  • The GRAC Mobility Committee task force on Protected Bike Lanes worked diligently for the past year to develop criteria and recommend the best routes for engineering feasibility studies.  Criteria used to select these routes included:
    • Demand- population and employment density
    • Economic Development- access to restaurants, stores, etc
    • Connectivity– to existing bicycle lanes and trails and to transit
    • Equity – per capita income levels, percentage of residents without cars, special emphasis neighboorhoods
  • Three routes were recommended:
    • Townes/ Richardson Streets (1.5 miles)
    • Washington St (1 mile)
    • Pendleton Street ( West Greenville to South Main St – 1 mile)

      The three protected bike lane routes

It is expected that an RFP for professional services will be issued before year end and that these important studies will be commencing in early 2018






Bike Walk Greenville would like to thank City of Greenville Staff that worked with us on these projects:

Mari Steinbach, Edward Kinney, Scott Aulen, and Alex John

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