New privately funded bike walk paths

The developers of two major apartment complexes in downtown Greenville have made significant investments in new infrastructure for safe walking and biking. District West Apartments and Trailside at Reedy Point Apartments are both located along the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail and face Westfield Street.



As shown in the below pictures both projects have provided new multi-use paths.  The new path at District West goes from West Broad Street to Westfield street on the north side of the Reedy River and is approximately 2/10 mile long.  We understand that when the new City Park is built that this path will continue from Westfield to Willard Street and will allow access to the new businesses on Welborn Street.

10 ft wide sidewalk at Trailside at Reedy Point








10 ft Sidewalk looking looking North on Westfield Street across from Kroc Center
Multi-Use path along Reed River at District West Aaprtments



Multi Use path of North Side of Reedy River- photo taken from Westfield Street











Lost opportunity- Conventional 5 ft sidewalk on Westfield Street at District West Apartments

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