20’s Plenty

A group on concerned citizens in the City of Greenville have been recently advocating for slower vehicle speeds through their residential streets.  This is a common concern in our community.  The current solution offered by the City is to go through a well thought out traffic calming process.

Bike Walk Greenville recently suggested to three members of City Council at a neighborhood meeting that it was time for the City to seriously consider a 20’s plenty program for all residential streets.  We shared this excellent video from the UK with all of Council to start the conversation.  We pointed out that the City of Portland Oregon has recently adopted this program. This document summarizes the Portland 20 is Plenty Plan.

If you think this makes sense for the City of Greenville to consider 20 is plenty, contact City Council members and tell them that it is time to make our neighborhoods safe for people!   Greenville City Council contact information is a this link.

WYFF News 4 covered 20 is plenty on the 6:00 PM News on April 30, 2018. A 15 second video excerpt is linked below:

April 30 WYFF video

2 responses to “20’s Plenty”

  1. I second that emotion.


  2. In New York City, the city wide speed limit throughout all 5 boroughs is 25 mph unless otherwise posted. I absolutely agree with slower speeds in Greenville and where I live in Travelers Rest. I’m familiar with NYC because I travel there to see my daughter in Brooklyn and bike twice a year there. I have noticed the much slowet speeds by cars in MYC and it has made a difference.Sloooowww down South Carolina!!


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