Artist Charles Pate Jr. is creating a bronze statue for the Lakeview Link Trail Plaza

As the completion of the Lakeview Link to the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail approaches, Bike Walk Greenville is pleased to announce that we have commissioned the talented Greenville Artist Charles Pate Jr. to create public art that celebrates “We all need safe places to walk and ride a bike.”

The statue will be installed at the new entrance plaza at mile marker 29.7 of the SRT, and we have an agreement to donate the statue to Greenville County.

Charles talks about the project in this short video filmed at his studio on June 4, 2019.


Six weeks later on July 15, 2019 the Clay was nearing completion as he discussed in this video



As of July 15, 2019 we have less than $500 remaining to be raised


Donations by check can be made to:

Bike Walk Greenville

PO Box 6626

Greenville SC 29606

Bike Walk Greenville is a 501c3 Public Charity

Donations can also be made online to our capital projects fund at this link     


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