Greenville Cares allows easy access to City Hall


This post is to applaud Greenville Cares.  The City of Greenville, South Carolina Government provides a service where citizens can contact City Staff to address issues.  On December 30 a fence was installed on Camperdown Way at St. Paul’s Church that blocked the sidewalk.  A new addition to the church was the reason.  This seemed unnecessary to us, as blocking a sidewalk for probably a year of construction seemed the wrong answer.  We contacted Tammi Mappus at City Hall through the email, and a few days later we heard from the ADA coordinator from the City.  We pointed out that SCDOT had just completed ADA ramps on this sidewalk, and it made little sense to fence it off.  A meeting with city staff and the construction contractor was held on January 7, and the fence was removed on January 8.  Construction started on January 15 with a small orange fence along the sidewalk.  We expect the higher fence poles will be moved soon.  Moral of the story is if you see something that makes no sense to you, contact the City and you may be proven right!

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