Dangerous by Design in Greenville County

Socioeconomic and Infrastructure Disparity between Poor and Wealthy Neighborhoods in Greenville, SC

a video by Furman University Senior Loise Aleria


As an intern with Bike Walk Greenville for the Fall 2021 semester I investigated the deaths along major roads that have been designed only to move motor vehicles as fast as possible, with little consideration for the safety of the people who live along these corridors.

The May 29, 2021 death of Brittany Langely Lawson on Augusta Street resulted in unprecedented action by the City of Greenville to study and plan implementation of changes to make this road safer for pedestrians.

During my internship there were far more deaths in the poorest parts of Greenville County with no call to action by County or State elected officials to implement safer conditions for people on foot along these SCDOT roads.

This short video summarizes my findings and urges action for implementing proven solutions to reduce deaths of vulnerable road users.

Loise Aleria

One response to “Dangerous by Design in Greenville County”

  1. This is a much-needed analysis. While I’m glad that Augusta road will get improvements, it is certainly hypocritical to not bring improvements to White Horse Rd and Wade Hampton Rd. Well done Loise!


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