The Biker’s Map from 27 years ago

I recently found my copy of the Biker’s Map for Greenville County in the back of a dresser drawer. Published in 1995 it is a stark reminder of the many changes over these years. Technology changes, the building of the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail, and the dramatic growth of our County, all come to mind.

Technology has eliminated the need for paper maps. The 2007 introduction of the IPhone and the many GPS based apps like Strava and Map My Ride make route following for bike riders remarkable.

The opening of and the safety of the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail has changed everything for people on bikes. All the routes on the map require sharing the road, and are not family friendly. Route 4, the Reedy River Tour has a note the says, “it is recommended that only experience cyclists ride on Augusta Rd. All others are encouraged to ride their bike on the sidewalk along Augusta Rd.”

Route 6, the Roper Mountain Route is of particular interest to me, as our first home in Greenville in 1979 was located near Oak Grove Lake. Riding in the neighborhoods and around the lake were family friendly, but by 1995 riding on Roper Mountain Road was definitely only for the fearless bike rider. The map note says, “Because of rapid growth in this area of the County, this route should continually be monitored and changed if necessary.” The good news is the addition of bike lanes on parts of Roper Mountain Road with the current SCDOT construction project. However motor vehicle traffic has become so heavy on most of the route that few people on bikes will find it to be a pleasant ride.

The Route 12 sign at the back gate of Furman University is showing it’s age. Now you know what the sign indicates!

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