"We all need safe places to walk and ride a bike" 

Bike Walk Greenville has been advocating for safe infrastructure in Greenville County since 2013

The Outspoken Cyclist Podcast features Bike Walk Greenville March 7, 2020

  We are honored to be on the March 7 episode of the The Outspoken cyclist podcast. Diane Jenks does a great job every week and is fast approaching her 500th podcast. She reached out to us after seeing our post about our advocacy win at Greenville City Council regarding proposed new Sharrows on 13 city streets. You can listen at this link:…/…/show-494b-march-7-2020-yep/ Best way to listen is to download...

How one City Council Agenda Item led to a 30 minute discussion about safe biking infrastructure

    The February 24, 2020 Greenville City Council Meeting provided a unique opportunity to have a conversation with Council about safe biking infrastructure. This three minute video summarizes how what we found on two pages out of over 357 pages of the Downtown Transportation Master Plan allowed for seven advocates to explain to Council that Sharrows are not safe. Council members unanimously agreed and struck Sharrows from the resolution...