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Important projects moving forward

  October 16, 2017 marked an important milestone for our advocacy when Greenville City Council reviewed and enthusiastically supported the recommendations of the Green Ribbon Advisory Committee (GRAC) to proceed with engineering feasibility studies on important projects that will lead to more s

How the private sector is making bicycling and walking safer in Greenville

In August 2016 it was announced  at a  Greenville City Council meeting that there would be a  major investment in Verdae Boulevard  that would include a new 10 ft wide bicycle and pedestrian path. The total cost of the project is $4.1 million. The City of Greenville will spend $2.7 million  SCD

South Carolina’s first protected bike lane is now fully implemented

We thought it important to tell a little history of how we got to this point: This project started with a meeting in July 20115 with former City of Greenville Parks and Recreation Director Dana Souza and advocates from Bike Walk Greenville, where Mr Souza agreed that the city's bicycle program neede