Funds were raised for a morning traffic officer by concerned parents of Rudolph Gordon School who want their kids to safely walk to school. A family was injured walking to school in the fall of last year and parents have been working with officials to add a new crosswalk at the entrance of the school instead of a busy intersection with low visibility.

Thank you to all the businesses and individuals that generously donated to establish a safer route to school for students at Rudolph Gordon School. Our funding goal was met as of August 16, 2022

Children’s Safety Project Budget

Fountain Inn Officer Costs
2021-2022 School Year (32 days) x $26.25/day = $840
2022-2023 School Year (180 days) x $30/day = $5400*
Safe Infrastructure Costs
Sidewalk connecting crosswalk to neighborhood walking path = $1500 (installation complete as of April 5 and paid by the Jones Mill Crossing community)
Total = $7740

*Officer rates are currently $35/hour. There is a projected rate increase starting July 2021 to $40/hour. The officer is being paid for 45 minutes daily.

To learn more about the project, click here to read a blog about the factors and sequence of events that occurred to establish the crosswalk.

Donations may also be made here and select Capital Project Fund.  All funds will go towards paying the officer to keep kids safe. 

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