"We all need safe places to walk and ride a bike"

Bike Walk Greenville has been advocating for safe infrastructure in Greenville County since 2013

Greenville Cares allows easy access to City Hall

  This post is to applaud Greenville Cares.  The City of Greenville, South Carolina Government provides a service where citizens can contact City Staff to address issues.  On December 30 a fence was installed on Camperdown Way at St. Paul’s Church that blocked the sidewalk.  A new addition to the church was the reason.  This seemed unnecessary to us, as blocking a sidewalk for probably a year of construction seemed...

2020 Advocacy Year in Review

  This 2:30 video captures key advocacy efforts in 2020: City Council heard from seven advocates to reject Sharrows as unsafe.  John Lyon with WYFF captured our efforts on the evening news on February 24th We advocated with City Council to lower the speed limits in neighborhoods to "20 is plenty" and as a result a public information campaign is planned by the City for Spring 2021 Our 3 year...