"We all need safe places to walk and ride a bike" 

Bike Walk Greenville has been advocating for safe infrastructure in Greenville County since 2013

20 is plenty thoughts for Greenville City Council

These slides were sent to Greenville City Council and key staff members on August 5, 2020 as part of our advocacy efforts.  On August 14, 2020 Eric Connor with the Greenville staff of the Post and Courier reported on the progress to date: $250,000 to calm traffic, ’20 Is Plenty’: Greenville’s street speed limits a safety debate  

20 is plenty resolution for the City of Greenville

On July 13, 2020 Greenville City Council heard a staff presentation about the status of the traffic calming program and Council members had much to say.  Council members said they hear about fast moving motor vehicles on neighborhood streets more than any other issue.  Staff emphasized the program to add speed humps, planted medians and traffic circles have been effective, and that the new radar speed limit signs have been...