What will it take for Greenville County to be like Portland?

Last week I came across this compelling video from Portland Oregon where they have record numbers of children walking and biking to school.  My first reaction was, this is a great video that can serve as an inspiration for Bike Walk Greenville.

So, what will it take for Greenville County to have thousands of kids happily using active transportation to get to school alert and ready to learn?

The first thing is for Bike Walk Greenville to become a much larger group of advocates.  At our bike walk plan presentation on November 22, 2013, I told a group of 40 advocates, and was quoted in the Greenville News as saying, “We need a lot of people to believe in this, we need to get 10,000 people saying we need bike walk infrastructure because there are a lot of people saying we don’t.”

I’m not sure if the number of 10,000 is correct but we have been repeatedly told by our County Council members that they do listen to their constituents.  And the more people who tell them they want their kids to walk or bike to school, the more likely they will find ways of funding these projects.

Tell your friends and neighbors about Bike Walk Greenville. Get on our mailing list.  Help us get 10,000 like minded people!


3 responses to “What will it take for Greenville County to be like Portland?”

  1. Yes! We need this! This is the very kind of thing that could make me really love where I live. I ride the Swamp Rabbit Trail nearly every week, but it’s just for recreation. If the trail was paved all the way, and continued down to where I live in Simpsonville I would use it to get to school.


  2. Yes…this can happen in Greenville and so many important pieces to make it so are already here. Thanks Bike Walk Greenville for being such an important part of growing healthy, physically active kids for future Greenville citizens!


  3. This can happen in Greenville if the people actively urge the municipal and county governments to make it happen. However, I warn my fellow Greenville cityfolk that this could mean higher taxes, which I would welcome if it means a healthier city.


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