City of Greenville Advocacy Meeting Oct 13

imageJoin us at Greenville City Hall in the third floor conference room on October 13 at 12:00 noon to learn about bike walk initiatives in the city of Greenville.

Meeting Agenda – Celebrate successes, plan our future course and discuss how Bikeville and BWG can best work together in the years to come to make Greenville more bike/ped friendly.

For those who cannot attend this meeting, here is a PDF version of the meeting slides which is also available on this website under Resources/Documents.

2 responses to “City of Greenville Advocacy Meeting Oct 13”

  1. This is fairly obvious, but just to be *crystal-clear*… the event title marks the date as the 13th, and I got this by email on the 10th, yet the body of the text describing the event says it’ll be held on the 3rd. I’m assuming there was just a missing “1”, right?
    Thanks! –Jeff


    1. Thanks for catching the typo
      Meeting is Tuesday Oct 13


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