Think Outside the Car

Bike Walk Greenville T-shirtSome things are cliches. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t true. So it is with well-meaning, non-profit organizations. They’re all passionate. They can’t stop talking about their cause. And they are always asking for money.

Plus, they all have t-shirts.

Fact is, no self-respecting non-profit can claim real street cred unless they have a t-shirt of their very own. And now Bike-Walk Greenville has one too.

It’s green. It’s soft. And it’s got a nice message emblazoned on the chest.

After some extended pondering, we landed on the line “Think Outside the Car”. It’s both an invitation to think differently about transportation and a call to action to get out of your car and explore the world. In short, it pretty much captures the Bike Walk Greenville philosophy.

We decided on green for the color because we’re in Greenville County. And we chose the soft style T because, you know, it’s soft.

So, here’s your chance to support a good cause and get yourself an awesome looking t-shirt. Follow the link below and order yours today!

Bike Walk Greenville T-shirts are currently available for purchase at Carolina Triathlon.

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