2023 Trail Counter Prediction Contest

The Display Counter at Willard Street just north of Unity Park was made possible by our succesful fundraising in 2021 resulting in the donation of the counter to the City of Greenville.

WYFF News 4 covered the new counter on February 7, 2022

In 2022, the final count for 11 months after the installation was 656,467. 53.6% were people on bikes and 46.4% were people on foot.

The City of Greenville owns the trail count data, and has given us permision to share the 2022 total

The 2023 contest is easy, just click on this form to submit your prediction

The winner will receive an offical Bike Walk Greenville T-Shirt.

The deadline for submittal is January 31, 2023

Travelers Rest Trail Counter Prediction Contest coming soon

The new counter is scheduled to be installed later in January. With no data from 2022 to reference this will be a more difficult prediction.

Be Sure You Are Counted in 2023

Walkers and runners, be sure you are counted when you pass the infrared sensor in the grey pole next to the bridge.  These walkers were both counted, but if they were side by side, only one would be recorded.  Bike riders are counted by wires embedded in the concrete and will be counted even if side by side.   

We want everyone to be counted, so remind your friends to spread out a bit when passing the sensor on foot!   

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