December 2021 Update

Since 2013, Bike Walk Greenville has been advocating for safer infrastructure for people on foot and on bikes. Read on to learn more about our past successes and future projects! To support our work, please consider making a tax deductible end of year donation. We appreciate your support!

Our first achievement was raising funds for the Greenville County Safe Routes Plan, prepared by consulting group Alta Planning, that was adopted by County Council.

100 biking and walking projects valued at $47MM would have been funded by the 2014 penny tax referendum for road projects, but this measure was defeated at the polls.
 7 years later these important projects remain unfunded, and we will continue our advocacy for the prioritizing and financing of these projects.

In 2016 we partnered with the City of Greenville to build a demonstration protected bike lane on East Broad Street – the first in South Carolina!

We are pleased to see that the City is responding to demand and feedback, is currently planning new protected bike lane projects.

In 2016, our volunteers counted Swamp Rabbit Trail users in downtown Travelers Rest, and used the data to advocate for a safer diagonal crossing with all motor vehicles stopped.
 In 2020 the City of Travelers Rest appropriated funding; the project has been permitted and construction is anticipated to begin soon!

In 2017-18 we raised funding for the construction of the Lakeview Link. This public-private partnership project with Greenville County provides a helpful connection between Old Buncombe Road at Lakeview Middle School to the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

The Lakeview Link was paved in June 2019, allowing the Lakeview Middle School students safe access to the SRT network.

Trail connectivity projects are a high priority for our advocacy, and we look forward to partnering with other organizations to make more projects like this one a reality!

In December 2019, a bronze sculpture by Charles Pate Jr that we donated to the County was installed on the Lakeview Link Plaza.

Our message, “we all need safe places to walk and ride a bike” has now been seen by hundreds of thousands of trail users and been used as a background for countless photos.

Our 3-year advocacy with the City of Greenville to fund a dedicated staff position of Mobility Coordinator became reality in 2019 with the hiring of Calin Owens for that position.

Our advocacy that started in 2017 to smooth the root bumps that plagued Swamp Rabbit Trail led to the successful County repaving project in 2020-21.

Our volunteer Bike Valet returned this fall and we enjoyed seeing some new and familiar faces after time spent apart! We look forward to continuing to partner with the City of Greenville at Artisphere and Fall For Greenville to provide free, convenient event parking for bikes. Stay tuned for more permanent bike parking amenities in Greenville as well!

We raised funding for the City of Greenville to install a digital display counter of Swamp Rabbit Trail users.  It is expected that installation (just north of Unity Park at Willard Street) will be completed by year end 2021.

We look forward to using this trail data to advocate for more prioritization and funding of infrastructure projects that make our community safer and healthier for everyone. 


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